Bowmanville REKO Launch May 14!

Thank you for your patience as we get ourselves organized for the first Bowmanville REKO delivery.

Understand this is new to the vendors, who until now may not have been adept Facebook users. Product availability will continue to improve as issues such as labour shortages, supply issues and other COVID-19-related hardships are resolved – and, of course, as crops mature.

Frankly, we’ve never seen customer demand like this so early in the year – no farmers planned to harvest this much food in May! We did not have the seeds or the greenhouse capacity and most of us didn’t store large quantities of produce from last season. However, it’s amazing what Ontario can produce, and next year we can start much earlier if we know the customers are with us.

Thanks also for your patience with Mother Nature. The rhubarb was looking just about ready until the last couple days of cold. The earth must know the plants need more time to get all the good things out of the ground, and be ready for us to consume what our unique winter terroir has to offer.

Details about our pickup day procedure coming this week, and maybe some more products as well. This is run by volunteers, and you the customers, are part of that volunteer staff. Together we will make our pickup date smooth, and completely respectful of the current pandemic situation.

Tasty abundance is coming.