Bowmanville REKO

Bowmanville REKO next delivery Thursday, June 11

For Delivery on Thursday, June 11, 2020 from 5:45 till 6:45 p.m. Location: Garnet Rickard Complex parking lot. Place your order soon! REKO-Groups are facebook-based direct sales from producers to customers. All comment orders are binding! An opportunity to buy local goods, without a middle-man, or question of “who grew it?” Support and encourage Bowmanville’s … Read more

Shelter Belt

Plant trees, eat more food

Driving around farm areas, sometimes you notice the giant piles of wood chips and tree trunks, from torn down shelter belts that were destroyed in the name of “efficiency and progress.” University of Saskatchewan is helping farmers see how shortsighted this is, how much production they lose by removing trees, and that once we understand … Read more

Bowmanville REKO

Bowmanville REKO Launch May 14!

Thank you for your patience as we get ourselves organized for the first Bowmanville REKO delivery. Understand this is new to the vendors, who until now may not have been adept Facebook users. Product availability will continue to improve as issues such as labour shortages, supply issues and other COVID-19-related hardships are resolved – and, … Read more

Radishes - May 3

Farming – always an adventure

The exciting gambling part of farming is pulling off the row cover after a couple of rainy, windy nights. Worried if you had put enough hoops for the weight, or another layer for the cold. Surprise! They mostly all survived.

veggie cart

Veggie transport solved!

March 31 – Finally built a better way to transport veggies down to the field. Lots planted yesterday and even all tucked in under the cover (I was paranoid about frost ). Hands in the soil feels great.