Four Farms Market Garden Training Launches This Spring

A Boost to Regenerative Agriculture Education

This spring, Durham Region and Northumberland County will welcome the launch of the Four Farms Market Garden Training, a unique and immersive educational experience designed for individuals interested in exploring the world of regenerative farming and market gardening.

Step into the world of market gardening mastery with Four Farms’ exclusive hands-on training course!

Four Farms Market Garden Training

Tailored to train participants in the everyday operation of a market garden farm, students will visit four diversified organic farms in just 6 weekend-long classes. Through hands-on activities, expert guidance, and immersive learning experiences, students will gain invaluable knowledge and skills in regenerative market garden farming practices. A wealth of digital resources, industry discounts, and personal conection is included.

Led by a team of experienced farmers, including Ryan Cullen (City of Greens), Tyler Davis (Foragers Farms), Anastasia Luciuk (The Acre Farmer), and Michael Longarini (Second Season Farm), the Four Farms team collectively manages 10 acres, operates at 8 markets, 4 farm stands, serves over 80 CSA members, and employs 8 other locals in season. They aim to empower individuals interested in pursuing careers in regenerative farming and provide practical guidance for home gardeners looking to grow food sustainably.

The training caters to two primary audiences:

  • Aspiring Regenerative Market Garden Farmers: Gain a comprehensive understanding of sustainable agriculture principles, including soil health, crop rotation, pest management, small livestock management, and direct-to-consumer marketing strategies. This program equips participants with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to start their own regenerative farm operation.
  • Advancing Home Gardeners: Receive practical guidance and expert advice on sustainable food production, including garden planning, soil fertility management, organic pest and disease control, and techniques for extending the growing season.

Participants will leave feeling empowered to grow their own food with confidence or work on local market garden-scale farms.

To support this initiative, the Four Farms team is seeking promotion and recognition from organizations and individuals in the community.

If you are in Southern Ontario, Durham Region, Northumberland County, Peterborough and the Kawarthas, or the Greater Toronto Area, you can help. Sharing the news through newsletters, social media, or any communication channels will help spread the word about this valuable educational opportunity.

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Contact Information:
Michael Longarini
Farmer & Educator
Four Farms Market Garden Training
Phone: 416 919 8700