Four Farms Market Garden Training Launches This Spring

This spring, Durham Region and Northumberland County will welcome the launch of the Four Farms Market Garden Training, a unique and immersive educational experience designed for individuals interested in exploring the world of regenerative farming and market gardening.

Tailored to train participants in the everyday operation of a market garden farm, students will visit four diversified organic farms in just 6 weekend-long classes. Through hands-on activities, expert guidance, and immersive learning experiences, students will gain invaluable knowledge and skills in regenerative market garden farming practices.

At the Farmer's Market

Fall is here and things are winding down…

Unless you’re a farmer, of course, in which case you’re probably still busier than a one-armed paperhanger! Still lots of fall produce that needs attention, things that need to be put to bed for the winter, and planning for next year to do.

We’re harvesting lots of carrots, beets, squash and garlic, keeping our Sunday…

Clarington Farmers Market

Clarington Farmers’ Market every Sunday

Join Second Season Farm and all the local producers at the Clarington Farmers’ Market every Sunday until the end of October, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. We’ll have a selection of fresh-picked seasonal produce every week, including leafy greens, root vegetables, garlic and much more…

Bowmanville REKO

Bowmanville REKO deliveries Thursdays

REKO-Groups are Facebook-based direct sales from producers to customers. All comment orders are binding! An opportunity to buy local goods, without a middle-man, or question of “who grew it?” Support and encourage Bowmanville’s self-sufficiency and strengthen the community around food and their local producers…

Spring has sprung!

…and we’ve been really busy! Check out our photo album to see all the things we’ve been up to this spring as we move into the 2022 growing season.



If you donated your pumpkin to be displayed at the Pumpkin Walk at the Port of Newcastle, here’s how they look now.

We mixed the clean pumpkins (nitrogen) together with straw (carbon) into an existing compost pile (inoculation), the rough idea being to layer the ingredients together, in as tall of a pile possible, starting with a base of straw or wood chips.