We’ve been busy…

Here’s a little story abut our fall, and the progress we’ve made to process more food for you all.

Flow through the farm for humans and machines is just as important as the flow of all the other biology in our environment. With that in mind, and some help from Jake Lauzon and our friends at Kubota Canada, we set out to make some productivity improvements, re-grading a busy farm intersection to improve drainage and safety and creating a more inviting, usable and accessible farm entrance. And removing some fences where the land needed to be free.

Somewhere in the mix, the garlic all got planted, and carefully recorded. A trench was dug to power the greenhouse. The barn was painted. And most of the pumpkins of Friends of the Port and Samuel Wilmot Nature Area Newcastle ended up in a giant compost pile (more on that later, and thanks Aislinn Choi and Leo Blindenbach). I even got most of the bookkeeping done already!

Thank you to Jenna and Evan and all of my family and great customers for being a part of the journey.

~ Michael