Thank you for all of your support and appetites at our markets throughout the 2021 season. This winter season will be spent improving our farm, and refining our 2022 plan. The main areas of focus are the new greenhouse, advanced irrigation systems, maintenance of everything, and project planning for our next moves (ponds and orchards). 

Looking forward to seeing you in 2022, at the Bowmanville Reko Market (ongoing all winter), the Clarington Farmers Market, and some additional markets to be announced.

~ Michael Longarini 

Nature, Nurtured

Welcome to Second Season Farm. We’re a perennial-based farm pursuing what’s possible on small, local farms that embrace scale-appropriate technology and the power of nature.

In Summer and Fall, we produce a range annual vegetables that are organically grown using low-till methods. We’d love for you to get a taste of what we have to offer and you can find us this year at the Bowmanville Reko Network, the Clarington Farmers Market, or through our online store. Read more…

Latest News


If you donated your pumpkin to be displayed at the Pumpkin Walk at the Port of Newcastle, here’s how they look now.

We mixed the clean pumpkins (nitrogen) together with straw (carbon) into an existing compost pile (inoculation), the rough idea being to layer the ingredients together, in as tall of a pile possible, starting with a base of straw or wood chips.

We’ve been busy…

Here’s a little story abut our fall, and the progress we’ve made to process more food for you all.

Flow through the farm for humans and machines is just as important as the flow of all the other biology in our environment. With that in mind, and some help from Jake Lauzon…