If you donated your pumpkin to be displayed at the Pumpkin Walk at the Port of Newcastle, here’s how they look now.

We mixed the clean pumpkins (nitrogen) together with straw (carbon) into an existing compost pile (inoculation), the rough idea being to layer the ingredients together, in as tall of a pile possible, starting with a base of straw or wood chips.

New entrance

We’ve been busy…

Here’s a little story abut our fall, and the progress we’ve made to process more food for you all.

Flow through the farm for humans and machines is just as important as the flow of all the other biology in our environment. With that in mind, and some help from Jake Lauzon…


Hedgerows are helpful – reason #245

If they aren’t mature enough to break the wind, at least they catch the windblown tarps. I thought I had weighed this one down well. I guess not when you have 45+ knot winds.

We use the tarps to cover any parts of the field that do not have a cover crop on them over the winter.

Red Radishes

Spring produce now available!

We’re happy to be picking our fresh spring produce now at Second Season! We also have organically grown vegetable seedlings for sale if you want to grow some of your very own. Order now for pickup every Thursday at Bowmanville REKO or send us an email. Right now, we’re picking: Lettuce Spinach Arugula French Breakfast … Read more


What we’re picking now

Aronia Berries – We grow these in our hedgerows that surround our annual gardens. Aronia berries contain higher levels of antioxidants, polyphenols, and anthocyanins than blueberries and most other fruits. Healthy addition to smoothie or baking. Onion Bunches Tropeana – Sweetest raw for salad or sandwich Cippolini – Best caramelized and sweet cooking Red – … Read more


Harvesting now…

Even without the rain it’s amazing how well certain crops grow. Garlic is ahead of schedule this year and will be harvested soon! We’re currently picking patty-pan squash, several types of zucchini, kale, romaine, mini-romaine, carrots, purple and white onions, green onions, garlic and garlic scapes, leaf lettuce, salad turnips, and beets. Order for Thursday … Read more

Bowmanville REKO - Orono Weekly Times - May 20, 2020

Over 200 participated in Bowmanville’s first REKO

Thanks to the efforts of Michael Longarini of Second Season Farm in Newcastle who spent countless hours volunteering his organizational skills, Bowmanville held its first REKO, which took place during a one-hour time frame beginning at 5:45 p.m.